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MHYRO: Modular HYbrid RObot for contact inspection and maintenance in oil & gas plants


In this paper, we propose a new concept of robot which is hybrid, including aerial and crawling subsystems and an arm, and also modular with interchangeable crawling subsystems for different pipe configurations, since it has been designed to cover most industrial oil & gas end-users’ requirements. The robot has the same ability than aerial robots to reach otherwise inaccessible locations, but makes the inspection more efficient, increasing operation time since crawling requires less energy than flying, and achieving better accuracy in the inspection. It also integrates safety-related characteristics for operating in the potentially explosive atmosphere of a refinery, being able to immediately interrupt the inspection if a hazardous situation is detected and carry the sensible parts such as batteries and electronic devices away as soon as possible. The paper presents the design of this platform in detail and shows the feasibility of the whole system performing indoor experiments.


This work has been partially supported by the HYFLIERS (H2020-2017-779411) and AERIAL-CORE (H2020-2019-871479) projects, funded by the European Commission, the ARM-EXTEND (DPI2017-89790-R) and ARTIC (RTI2018-102224-B-I00) projects, funded by the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Investigación and the Spanish FPU program.



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HYFLIERS – HYbrid FLying-rollIng with-snakE-aRm robot for contact inSpection 779411
European Commission
AERIAL-CORE – AERIAL COgnitive integrated multi-task Robotic system with Extended operation range and safety 871479
European Commission