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Published January 24, 2021 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Absenteeism and parental involvement in home and school among middle school students of public school in northern Mindanao, Philippines: basis for intervention

  • 1. Northern Bukidnon Community College


Abstract: Educational attainment is an important determinant of one’s success. Yet, absenteeism among adolescents jeopardizes chances of achieving their educational goals. Absenteeism can lead to an increasing disinterest in school and the chance of dropping out in school. Thus, this study determined how parental involvement affects absenteeism among 60 Middle school students of a public school. Specifically, it tested the extent of absenteeism of the respondents and the extent of parental involvement in school. Also, this study correlates students’ absenteeism and parental involvement both at home and school. This study used descriptive–correlational method. A validated researcher-made questionnaire was used to determine the extent of absenteeism, extent of parental involvement and the respondents’ perception towards parental involvement. Further, frequency, weighted mean, Pearson R correlation, and t-test for Two Independent Means were used as statistical tools in analyzing the gathered data. The study disclosed that parents were greatly involved at home but were moderately involved in school which contributed to the absenteeism of the students. Parental involvement in school was deemed important in terms of giving support and monitoring their children’s attendance and performances in school. The findings revealed that parental involvement in school had a strong negative relationship with absenteeism. This meant that as parental involvement decreased, absenteeism among students increased. With α=0.05, there was a significant relationship between parental involvement and absenteeism both at home and in school. Conversely, there was no significant difference on how the students and their parents perceived parental involvement. As gleaned in the data, both parents and students considered parental involvement as one of the important factors that enabled the students to pursue their studies. This study concludes that parental involvement in school and at home is correlated with absenteeism of the Middle school students in a public school. Parental involvement at home enables the parents to take good care of their children and show support in the learners’ academic endeavors. Parental involvement in school also provides a big impression to the students. The presence of the parents in school boosts self-esteem and self-worth among their children.


Absenteeism and parental involvement in home and school among middle school students of public school in northern Mindanao, Philippines basis for intervention.pdf