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D5.4 – Documentation (auto parts demonstrator)

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Report D5.4 – Documentation (auto parts demonstrator) is the result of task T5.4 - Integrating, testing and documenting the part data management platform for the automotive parts demonstrator, within WP5 - ICT Platforms for Multiple Life cycles.    This document is closely linked with the report D5.2 - Automotive part data exchange platform, that presented the results obtained in T5.2 - Implementing a part data management platform including standard data exchange protocols ensuring transparency and efficiency of trade networks and reverse logistics by M18- November 2019.  D5.4 is a continuation of D5.2 and shows all stages of the development process of the Automotive Part Data platform between M7- M24, when the platform is ready to be deployed. The part data management platform for the automotive parts developed in WP5 will be deployed in a production environment accessible and will be the foundation for WP7 - Automotive Parts Demonstrator.   


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