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Chang'e 5 RF recording at 8486.2 MHz with Allen Telescope Array on 2020-12-19 (X polarization)


This dataset contains a recording of X-band telemetry signals from the Chinese lunar sample retrieve mission Chang'e 5 done on 2020-12-19, after the Earth flyby, in a direct trajectory to the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange point. The recording was done at Allen Telescope Array using antenna 2h in dual XY (linear) polarization.

The hardware configuration was as follows: antenna 2h was connected to RFCB LO d, which was tuned to a frequency of 8475 MHz and used an output IF of 512 MHz. A USRP N321 was connected to the IF output of the RFCB and digitized both polarizations. The USRP used external 10 MHz reference and PPS coming from the observatory distribution system. The IQ  sample rate of the USRP was 30.72 Msps and a GNU Radio flowgraph was used to channelize four frequencies from the spacecraft (8463.7, 8471.2, 8478.6 and 8486.2 MHz), using an IQ sample rate of 480 ksps for each channel. Only the 8471.2 MHz and 8486.2 MHz channels contains signals from the spacecraft.

The GNU Radio flowgraph stored the IQ data for each channel as 32-bit floats in the GNU Radio metatata file format, with detached headers. After recording, the data was converted 16-bit integers and SigMF format.

This dataset contains the IQ data for the channel at 8486.2 MHz, in SigMF format. Each polarization is in a different file. The original metadata headers are also provided. This dataset contains the X polarization. The Y polarization can be found in "Chang'e 5 RF recording at 8486.2 MHz with Allen Telescope Array on 2020-12-19 (Y polarization)".


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