Published December 30, 2020 | Version 1.1.0
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Supplemental annotations for /p/ and /t/ codas in the Buckeye Corpus

  • 1. Ohio State University
  • 2. University of California, San Diego


This R package contains supplemental annotations for a subset of postvocalic /p/
and /t/ codas in the Buckeye Corpus. It includes hand-corrected glottal stop
transcriptions and acoustic measurements estimated with VoiceSauce.

To install the package, download it, unzip it, and use the following R command:


Replace "~/Downloads/codaglottalization" with the path where you saved this
package. You may need to install the `remotes` package first:


For usage instructions and reference information, please see the included README.txt file.


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Related works

Is documented by
Journal article: 10.5334/labphon.213 (DOI)


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