Published December 28, 2015 | Version 0.9
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HeliPaD: the Heliand Parsed Database

  • 1. Universität Konstanz


This corpus contains all 5,968 lines of the C manuscript of the Old Saxon Heliand, a gospel harmony written in alliterative verse, using the Sievers (1878) edition. Compared to the standard Behaghel critical edition, this one has the advantages for linguistic research that a) it does not conflate the different forms found in different manuscripts, b) it is not as heavily emended, and c) it is now in the public domain.

The corpus is a UTF-8 plain text file designed to be searched using the program CorpusSearch 2, with the standard extension .psd, broadly following the format of the Penn Corpora of Historical English and related projects (IcePaHCEarly New High German Parsed CorpusMCVF). It is annotated on a number of levels:

The total size of the corpus is 46,067 words (not including punctuation and code).


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