Published January 12, 2021 | Version 0.3.0
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mirdata v.0.3.0


First mirdata realese of the 0.3 series. Main changes included in the release are:

New Loaders

  • AcousticBrainz Genre
  • cante100
  • Saraga Carnatic
  • Saraga Hindustani
  • Tonality classicalDB


  • Changes top level API - datasets are now loaded with mirdata.initialize('orchset')
  • Adds a Dataset object
  • Renames load --> load_tracks
  • Adds dataset.choice_track()
  • Moves Track and MultiTrack base classes from mirdata.track to mirdata.core
  • Extends index structure beyond tracks and adds version as mandatory top-level key
  • Introduces of datasets submodule
  • Introduces of Annotation classes for different time-series data types
  • Improve documentation
  • Introduces support for remote indexes for big datasets
  • Specify license in each dataset
  • Config flags for automatic full-dataset testing each week 

And bug fixes. See details in here.


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