Published December 18, 2020 | Version 1.1.0
Software Open

The Spritz Code

  • 1. University of Milano-Bicocca
  • 2. Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 3. University of Padova
  • 4. INAF
  • 5. University of Trento


The Spritz code is a fully general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code based on the Einstein Toolkit. To use it, uncompress the tarball  (tar xvf SpritzCode_v1.1.0.tar) and then follow the instructions in the README file.

If you use the code, please cite Cipolletta et al 2020 and Cipolletta et al 2021.

Version 1.1.0 introduces full support for finite-temperature equations of state and neutrino leakage. It includes also a thorn to read initial data produced with Nrotstar (LORENE) and a set of python scripts to slice finite-temperature tabulated equations of state.

Prerequisites: if working with initial data computed with LORENE using an equation of state (EOS) in CompOSE format (such as those available with Cipolletta et al 2021), you should use a version of Lorene published after March 2019 since older versions (including the ones coming with the Einstein Toolkit) have a bug when reading that EOS format. You should therefore install LORENE as a standalone library. After having installed LORENE and downloaded the Einstein Toolkit, before compiling Spritz you should add the following two lines to your configuration file (for example, Cactus/simfactory/mdb/optionlists/generic.cfg if compiling on your laptop) in order to use your installed version of LORENE and not the one coming with the Einstein Toolkit:




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