Published November 9, 2020 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Towards a uniform process model for deploying and operating autonomous shuttles on public roads

  • 1. Salzburg Research
  • 2. Prisma solutions
  • 3. Austrian Institute of Technology
  • 4. HERRY Consult
  • 5. Virtual Vehicle Research


Autonomous shuttle trials are carried out all over the world. So far, these trials are predominately based on trial and error approaches. During the last years, shuttle suppliers have developed their proprietary deployment and operation processes, whereas a more generalized process model is missing so far. In the Digibus® Austria flagship project, a consortium of 13 partners joined forces to develop methods and technologies for deploying and operating autonomous shuttles in public transport. Among other goals, the project aims at the definition of a generalized process model for autonomous shuttle trials, building on existing models as well as individual learnings. The proposed model consists of actors, components, decisions and activities and has been tested in the context of several shuttle trials in Austria. Although the process model so far only reflects the state in Austria, most activities should be applicable to other countries as well. The model is considered as a first step towards future standardization.



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