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The ecological niche and distribution of Neanderthals during the Last Interglacial [supplementary materials]]


Supplementary material of the paper: Benito, B.M., Svenning, J.‐C., Kellberg‐Nielsen, T., Riede, F., Gil‐Romera, G., Mailund, T., Kjaergaard, P.C. and Sandel, B.S. (2017), The ecological niche and distribution of Neanderthals during the Last Interglacial. J. Biogeogr., 44: 51-61.


- average_habitat_suitability.tif: geotif file describing the average habitat suitability (computed from a large ensemble of small models) for Homo neanderthalensis during the last interglacial.

- standard deviation.tif: geotif with the standard deviation of the ensemble of small models mentioned above. Large values indicate a low consensus among models, while small values indicate a high consensus among models.

- suitability_and_deviation.pdf: plot of the two previous maps blended through "whitening". Colors indicate habitat suitability, while "whitening" indicates higher standard deviation (lack of consensus).

- neanderthal_eemian_sites_Appendix_I.xlsx: input dataset used to fit the models.



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