Published December 5, 2020 | Version v1
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Evidence of Lax and disregard of laboratory safety protocols and regulations in China



We collected from the Chinese Q&A website, ,First-hand documentation of laboratory safety breaches and incidents within a large number of laboratories with diverse research subjects and purposes in the People's Republic of China (PRC). The laboratories involved inluding Chemistry labs, Biolabs, Computer labs as well as Physics and Engineering labs.

From these first-handed documentation, we obtained evidence of relaxed safety regulations and frequent breach of such regulations, with reasons ranging from poor training/education on lab safety, chronic ignorance of safety rules to intentional breach of protocols for purposes other than the research projects of the lab(s) of which the breach was documented in.

Such breaches often resulted in safety accidents ranging from physical injury, chemical burns, chemical leaks, damage to property to lab-acquired infection and escape of in-lab pathogens. With consequences from personal-level to institution-level.

THe provided .docx data files contained complete data dump from the following URLs:

We also obtained evidence of improper disposal of laboratory waste in People's Republic of China from the following URL:

We strongly advice relevant authorities to tighten lab safety rules, to engage in proper education of such rules to lab workers and researchers, and to take whatever action needed to stem the epidemic of safety violations and protocol breaches within Chinese Laboratories, in order to stop such frequent safety accidents from happening again in the future.


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