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Ecostructure Mapping Repository

  • 1. University College Dublin
  • 2. Ecostructure project


Mapping data set (plus GIS maps) for existing artificial structures on the Irish Sea coastline: covering the coastlines of counties Louth to Cork (Ireland) and the Welsh Coastline  collected as part of the Ecostructure project (

The Ecostructure project is a collaboration between five leading research-intensive universities in Wales and Ireland, Aberystwyth University (Project Lead), Bangor University, Swansea University, University College Cork and University College Dublin". Ecostructure is an interdisciplinary project which aims to raise awareness of, and provide guidance to developers and regulators on, the potential for ecologically sensitive engineering (eco-engineering) solutions for coastal infrastructure.

In addition, access to a google drive folder that contains physical data (e.g pointclouds, ortho-mosaics, etc) gathered using a number of techniques (e.g. Lidar and UAV)  over the fieldwork campaign of the project at a number of natural and artificial sites along the Irish & Welsh coastlines, access is available on request by email (

When available risk assessment mapping files under different IPCC climatic change scenarios will be added to this repository as an updated version.

This research was funded by the Ecostructure project (part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme 2014-2020




The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.

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The data and information contained within this depository and within the google drive folder associated with this data set are subject to a moratorium until publication has occurred by the Ecostructure project team. Please check with the project team before use whether in part or full and/or if there are any issues with access (email:

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