Published October 27, 2020 | Version v1
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Successful data training stories from NCI


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NCI Australia manages a multi-petabyte sized data repository, collocated with its HPC systems and data services, which allows high performance access to many scientific research datasets across many earth science domains.
An important aspect is to provide training materials that proactively engages with the research community to improve their understanding of the data available, and to share knowledge and best practices in the use of tools and other software. We have developed multiple levels of training modules (introductory, intermediate and advanced) to cater for users with different levels of experience and interest. We have also tailored courses for each scientific domain, so that the use-cases and software will be most relevant to their interests and needs.
For our training, we combine brief lectures followed by hands-on training examples on how to use datasets, using working examples of well-known tools and software that people can use as a template and modify to fit their needs. For example, we take representative use-cases from some scientific activities, from our collaborations and from user support issues, and convert to Jupyter notebook examples so that people can repeat the workfIow and reproduce the results. We also use the training as an opportunity to raise awareness of growing issues in resource management. Some examples include a familiarity of the FAIR data principles, licensing, citation, data management and trusted digital repositories. This approach to both our online training materials and workshops has been well-received by PhD students, early careers, and cross disciplinary users.