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Published November 23, 2020 | Version 2020.4.2
Software Open

marcomusy/vedo: 2020.4.2


Main changes

  • Removed restriction VTK<9. Even so, VTK9 seems significantly slower and unexpected behaviors are still possible.

  • Various minor issues have been fixed.

  • name change addLight() -> Light(). Improved API. Revised example basic/ (thanks to @mit10000 and @theponpon input #249)
  • added size keyword for addScalarBar() to control size in pixels (@RubendeBruin #237)

  • added default bitrate specification Video.options="-b:v 8000k" (for ffmpeg) seems to produce much better quality results - tested on linux system only.

  • modified plotter.addLight()
  • added warning to non-existing camera keywords (@FedeClaudi #244)
  • In rendering window:
    • pressing 3 cycles over predefined set of textures for clicked Mesh objects
    • pressing I picks the color under the mouse (uses colors.pickColor())

  • added class Brace (see example
  • can sweep() a Line object to create a surface
New/Revised examples:

vedo -r rgbaImage vedo -r cutWithMesh2 vedo -r scatter3 vedo -r lights vedo -r plot_density4d (thanks to @edmontz) vedo -r app_raycaster vedo -r app_isobrowser



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