Published November 19, 2020 | Version v1
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DSW Template Development Kit: The First Tutorial

  • 1. FIT CTU in Prague


Data Stewardship Wizard ( is a flexible questionnaire-based tool that uses Jinja2 templates to produce documents. It allows creating documents in practically any textual format. Such documents can be intended for both humans (HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText, etc.) and machines (e.g. RDF, YAML, or JSON). Our Template Development Kit (DSW TDK) is a command-line tool to make the work on templates efficient.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate all the features of TDK (v2.8.1) and also how to access and print out replies from a questionnaire using Jinja2 templates.

Video available here:

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Recording parts:

  • (start) = Introduction to templates in DSW
  • 7:20 = Installation of DSW TDK
  • 13:08 = Connecting to DSW API
  • 19:00 = Creating new template
  • 29:06 = Exploring document context
  • 36:57 = Use value questions and replies
  • 44:33 = Use options (and follow-up) questions
  • 54:26 = Use list questions
  • 1:01:06 = Use integration questions
  • 1:10:58 = Creating generic template
  • 1:17:29 = Get template from DSW and investigate it
  • 1:19:23 = Add more formats in a template
  • 1:25:26 = Versioning and packaging a template

 This work was supported by ELIXIR CZ research infrastructure project (MEYS Grant No: LM2015047).



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