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Published November 11, 2020 | Version v2
Report Open

Digital skills, risks and wellbeing among European children: Report on (f)actors that explain online acquisition, cognitive, physical, psychological and social wellbeing, and the online resilience of children and young people

  • 1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • 2. Masaryk University


This report is based on further analysis of the EU Kids Online data collected across 19 European countries in 2017–19 (Smahel et al., 2020), and aims to identify the antecedents and consequences of digital skills among children. More specifically, in Section 3, "The antecedents of digital skills", we tested the relationship between individual characteristics (age and gender), social characteristics (socioeconomic status [SES] and parental mediation), country characteristics, information and communications technology (ICT) use and skills. In Section 4, "The consequences of digital skills", we examined the relations between skills, risks and opportunities. The report is aimed at outlining gaps in the evidence base and in our current knowledge of digital skills acquisition, in order to inform future research in this area.


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