Published November 13, 2020 | Version 0.4
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Floodlight Analysis Tool v0.4



1. How is this program useful?
- This program helps users conduct floodlight analysis quickly and easily and does not require expertise in coding (e.g., R) or familiarity with statistical analysis programs (e.g., SPSS).

2. What are requirements to run this program?
- This program requires a Windows operating system and a web browser.

3. How can users get started with the program?
- Download the file, "" and unzip (extract) it by right-clicking and selecting "Extract All".
- In the folder containing the extracted files and folders, locate the file "Run this File.vbs" and execute it. This will open Floodlight Analysis Tool on a local web browser.
- Click "Browse..." under "Choose a CSV file", and open the sample data file within the folder containing the extracted files: "sample data spiller et al 2013.csv".
- Set variables appropriately, i.e., "candies" as the dependent variable, "large_quant_model" as the independent variable, and "bmi" as the moderating variable.
- Click the "Plot it" button on the bottom right.
- Adjust the plot by playing around with the plotting options.
- Upload your own data in the CSV file format. Make sure your data are in the same format as the sample data file (i.e., the independent variable should be coded as 0 or 1, and both the dependent and moderating variables must be numbers rather than strings).


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