Published September 26, 2020 | Version v4
Journal article Open

Scale invariant unification of forces, fields and particles in a Quantum Vacuum plasma

  • 1. Torus Tech


From Bekenstein-Hawking, Susskind and 't Hooft development of the holographic principle, we consider a statistical entropy and thermodynamics approach of a surface-to-volume generalized holographic ratio defined in previous work. Applying this analysis, we chart a first order approximation of a scaling coefficient utilizing a face cube center crystalline structure representation of spacetime. The resulting scaling from the Planck scale to the universal scale finds a surprisingly periodic fit to organize matter in the universe. As a result, we can compute exact values defining the fundamental scaling factors of physical interactions. By applying them to radii and masses at the hadronic, electronic and Hubble Constant  scale we find results consistent with current measurements.


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