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Students as Partners in Assessment (SaPiA): A Literature Scoping Review

  • 1. Dublin City University


The purpose of this scoping review is to explore what the literature says regarding students as partners in the process of assessment in higher education. In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on students as partners in teaching, learning and assessment. Indeed, some educators would argue this is part of a larger paradigm shift in the latter part of last century towards student-centred learning. Conscious of this paradigm shift and the ever-present competing assessment discourses, the review investigates the growing interest in student partnership in assessment specifically, distinct from wider arenas of student partnership. This literature scoping review aims to demystify the ways in which those who teach can partner students by exploring initiatives such as involving them as self or peer assessors, as co-creators of assessment activities and marking criteria, and the use of collaborative opportunities to co-own the assessment process. 


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