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The LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration's Recommended Target Fields for Commissioning the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Accompanying Code Release


This is accompanying material to the DESC Note "Recommended Target Fields for Commissioning the Vera C. Rubin Observatory" found at The abstract is below:

The commissioning team for the Vera C. Rubin observatory is planning a set of engineering and science verification observations with the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) commissioning camera~\citep{2018SPIE10700E..3DH} and then the Rubin Observatory LSST Camera~\citep{2018SPIE10705E..0DR}.  The time frame for these observations is not yet fixed, and the commissioning team will have flexibility in selecting fields to observe.  In this document, the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) Commissioning Working Group presents a prioritized list of target fields appropriate for testing various aspects of DESC-relevant science performance, grouped by season for visibility from Rubin Observatory at Cerro Pachon. Our recommended fields include Deep-Drilling fields (DDFs) to full LSST depth for photo-$z$ and shape calibration purposes, HST imaging fields to full depth for deblending studies, and an $\sim$200 square degree area to 1-year depth in several filters for higher-level validation of wide-area science cases for DESC. We also anticipate that  commissioning observations will be needed for template building for transient science over a broad RA range. We include detailed descriptions of our recommended fields along with associated references.  We are optimistic that this document will continue to be useful during LSST operations, as it provides a comprehensive list of overlapping data-sets and the references describing them.

This repository contains the code, and data, along with the background references and research used to produce the tables and figure in the Note.  In this repository you will find:

  1. A PDF version of the note.
  2. An exported Google sheet containing the suggested fields with the name 'Commissioning targets export version 10 20.xlsx'.
  3. Two Jupyter notebooks: airmass\_calendar\_noURL.ipynb (used to make the tables and the *.csv files), and visibility\_figures.ipynb used to make the observability figures.
  4. A copy of the csv files generated by the airmass notebook (and used by the visibility notebook to make the figures).



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