Published October 26, 2020 | Version 0.2
Dataset Open

Data and analysis script for channel measurement campaign at POWDER-RENEW using Iris SDRs

  • 1. Rice University
  • 2. The University of Utah


This repository contains our raw datasets from channel measurements performed at the University of Utah campus. In addition, we have included a document that explains the setup and methodology used to collect this data, as well as a very brief discussion of results. 
File organization:
* documentation/ - Contains a .docx with the description of the setup and evaluation.
* data/ - HDF5 files containing both metadata and raw IQ samples for
each location at which data was collected. Notice we collected data at 14 
different client locations. See map in the attached docx (skipped locations 12 and 16).
We deployed 5 different receivers at 5 different rooftops. Due to resource constraints,
one set of files contains data from 4 different locations whereas another set 
contains information from the single remaining location.

We have developed a set of python scripts that allow us to parse and analyze the data.
Although not included here, they can be found in our public repository:
You can find the top script here.

For more information on the POWDER-RENEW project please visit the POWDER website.
The RENEW part of the project focuses on the deployment of an open-source massive MIMO system.
Please visit our website for more information.


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