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EU Policy Briefing Presentations: How can studying the Arctic help us predict future European weather and climate beyond the mean?

  • 1. DMI
  • 2. University of Bordeaux
  • 3. NERSC
  • 4. ISGlobal
  • 5. City Council of Almada
  • 6. SAMS


Blue-Action in partnership with the EU Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development and the European Climate Research Alliance, invited policy-makers, MEPs and stakeholders to join us for this briefing event on 14th October 2020. The topic under discussion was: Tipping points, extreme events and uncertainty: How can studying the Arctic help us predict future European climate beyond the mean? Researchers leading on this topic from Blue-Action presented the current state of knowledge to decision-makers and other policy-stakeholders. The event  included a panel discussion with Blue-Action partners, hosting MEPS Urmas Paet and Christel Schaldemose, ECRA representative Lars H. Smedsrud, Greenland Representative Mininnguaq Kleist and European Commission representative Sigi Gruber. 




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