Published June 8, 2020 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

A MBSE Approach to MDAO Systems for the Development of Complex Products

  • 1. German Aerospace Center, DLR
  • 2. Delft University of Technology


The research and innovation AGILE project has developed an approach, the so-called AGILE Paradigm, focusing on the acceleration of the deployment and operation of collaborative Multidisciplinary Design Analysis Optimization systems, which in turns can be exploited to accelerate the development of complex products, such as novel aerospace systems. Although the technologies developed for the implementation of the paradigm, have proved to reduce the deployment and operational time to more than 40% with respect to conventional MDAO approaches, the AGILE Paradigm has not been formalized and model by digital design engineering practices. This work introduces a novel approach leveraging MBSE principles to streamline the development of agile MDAO design systems, and establishing a bridge between MBSE and MDAO. Major outcomes here presented are the MBSE-driven models of the so-called AGILE MDAO system, representing the architecture, the requirements, as well as the organizational aspects, and all the interactions and activities implemented during the life-cycle stages of the MDAO system. The MBSE Architectural Framework, which defines the underlying ontological concepts and perspectives driving the development of the AGILE MDAO system model, are modeled and presented as well. The paper introduces for the first time the overall approach, as well as the high-level elements of the models developed, here represented by making use of SysML standard. The described approach is at the core of the recently launched project AGILE4.0, in which its scope will be expanded to cover the entire life-cycle of the development of complex aeronautical systems.


The research presented in this paper has been performed in the framework of the AGILE 4.0 project (Towards Cyber-physical Collaborative Aircraft Development) and has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement n°815122.


AVIATION2020-3150 - A MBSE Approach to MDAO Systems for the Development of Complex Products.pdf