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Report on the online session on visions, requirements and needs for Future Research Environments in the Healthcare domain

  • 1. University of Liverpool
  • 2. Wellcome Trust
  • 3. TU Wien
  • 4. The Francis Crick Institute, Oxford University
  • 1. TU Wien


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative aims at supporting more than 1.7 million researchers and fostering interdisciplinary research in Europe. To understand better, what the research community needs, the EOSCSecretariat [1] partner TU Wien is organizing workshops, interviews and consultations. As part of this initiative, the EOSCSecretariat invited a group of three top-level researchers and research enablers from the Healthcare domain to online sessions in June 2020 on visions, requirements and needs to inquire not only about their actual needs with respect to research infrastructures, services and policies, but also about visions and future needs and requirements.

[1] See


Final_Report _Online Session_Visions Requirements Needs_HealthCare_03SEPT20.pdf

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