Published October 29, 2018 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

D4.16 Mutual Learning Workshop Analysis Report


This deliverable is the follow up of D4.14 Mutual Learning Workshop Complete – First City (Bristol) delivered in August 2017. D4.15 Mutual Learning Workshop Complete – Last city summarises the Mutual Learning Workshops (MLW) held in the other pilot cities (Amsterdam, Sosnowiec and Ljubljana) and regions (Liguria and Aveiro). The MLW brought together expert stakeholders to share and discuss transport- and heating policies, and derived health risk factors in a changing city environment, now and in the future (2020-2030-2050). This analysis report contains the general concept of the MLW and its role in the ClairCity project, the involved stakeholders, the main drivers of the city development, the data and relevant information on the future visions (2030, 2050), the summary of the proposed policy instruments and technical tools by the stakeholders in Bristol, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Sosnowiec, Aveiro and Liguria at the MLW, the overall scenario outputs and conclusions.


D4.16 Mutual learning workshop analysis report FINAL.pdf

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