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Published July 8, 2020 | Version 0.5
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M3.5 Draft Description of FAIRsFAIR's Transition Support Programme for Repositories


FAIRsFAIR is working to better define good practice for repositories through our involvement in certification efforts that enable FAIR data. This draft document describes a proposed programme of support which will help repositories to adopt these emerging good practices. There is a focus on supporting FAIR data provision, improved handling and integration of metadata, and an increased emphasis on data stewardship to ensure data remains FAIR in the long term.

This brief description outlines some of the actions that can help repositories on their journey towards better alignment with the FAIR data principles and the support that FAIRSFAIR could provide. Please help us to shape the work FAIRsFAIR will do over the remainder of the project to develop and provide support for repositories of all types. We eagerly look for your feedback on:

  • the recommended actions - do these reflect your repository mission and aims? Have we missed something? 

  • the support that FAIRsFAIR could provide - are some of the suggested support areas more helpful for your repository than others? Is there anything missing? 

Feedback was collected between July 7 and August 21, 2020. From the feedback received, FAIRsFAIR will prioritise its activities to develop guidance and provide support. The prioritised plan will be shared in the final version of the support programme in October 2020 (D3.5 Transition Support Programme for Repositories).   


M3.5 Draft Description of FAIRsFAIR's Transition Support Programme for Repositories.pdf

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