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Instruments - Observations - Theories: Studies in the History of Astronomy in Honor of James Evans

  • 1. ISAW, New York University
  • 2. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and CONICET


Instruments — Observations — Theories: Festschrift for James Evans

Edited by Alexander Jones and Christián Carman


00 Christián Carman, Preface
01 Alan Thorndike, Triangular Gear Teeth
02 Paul Iversen, The Antikythera Mechanism, Rhodes, and Epeiros
03 J. H. Seiradakis, Is there a connection between the 1897 Cretan Revolt and the discovery of the Antikythera Shipwreck?
04 Denis Savoie, Three examples of ancient “universal” portable sundials
05 Karlheinz Schaldach, Buchner’s findings at the Horologium
06 Robert Hannah, Putting the astronomy back into Greek calendrics: the parapegma of Euctemon
07 Daryn Lehoux, Image, Text, and Pattern: Reconstructing Parapegmata
08 Dennis W. Duke, The equant in India redux
09 N. M. Swerdlow, A curiosity: Did Ptolemy see Uranus?
10 Alexander Jones, Limits of observation and pseudoempirical arguments in Ptolemy’s Harmonics and Almagest
11 Christián Carman, On the distances of the sun and moon according to Hipparchus
12 J. M. Steele Geminos and Babylonian Astronomy
13 Nathan Sidoli, Mathematical discourse in philosophical authors: Examples from Theon of Smyrna and Cleomedes on mathematical astronomy
14 F. Jamil Ragep, The origins of the Ṭūsī-couple revisited
15 J. L. Berggren, What every young astronomer needs to know about spherical astronomy: Jābir ibn Aflaḥ’s “Preliminaries” to his Improvement of the Almagest
16 Michel-Pierre Lerner, Traduttore-traditore: Thomas Digges as translator and interpreter of Copernicus’ cosmology in De revolutionibus
17 Owen Gingerich Gallucci’s pseudo Copernican equatorium, Venice, 1593
18 Michael Hoskin The Georgian Star


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