Published June 29, 2020 | Version v1
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LIBER 2020 - Session #3: Securing and Building Trust

  • 1. ADBU, Paris
  • 2. UKB
  • 3. Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 4. DAASI international
  • 5. University of Leeds
  • 6. University of Glasgow


These are the slides from the LIBER 2020 Session Securing and Building Trust.

Session Description:

LIBER’s 2022 vision is a world where research data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), with as the predominant form of publishing, Open Access. However, we recognize that we are not there yet. There are many obstacles in our way before we can realize Open Access. One of them is Securing and Building Trust with researchers, publishers and institutions, such as universities, to enable this Open Access.

If you are interested in how the LIBER community is planning on overcoming this obstacle, the following session will be relevant for you.

The session ‘Securing and Building Trust’ will focus on three different research papers with an overarching theme of how to gain trust for policies related to Open Access in your library’s community and beyond.

During this session, Arjan Schalken, will present the results of the pilot ‘You Share, We Take Care’, launched in 2019, implementing article 25 fa of the Dutch copyright law, stimulating sharing research output that is the result of publicly funded research. He will also elaborate on how the UKB managed to gain the trust and support from Dutch universities, legal departments and researchers, for this initiative.

Jos Westerbeke, Pieter Gietz and Raoul Teeuwen will, subsequently, enlighten us on the FIM4L initiative: Federated Identity Management (FIM) for libraries, enabling patrons to trust libraries to protect their identities and supporting libraries in safeguarding their patrons, providing the next step towards Open Access. The presentation will introduce FIM and detail the FIM4L guidelines and recommendations, especially the options that are available to libraries for setting up a privacy preserving “Single Sign-On” (SSO).

Finally, Claire Gillian Knowles and William Nixon will discuss their experiences of the University of Leeds and the University of Glasgow in building successful and sustainable repositories to capture and share research and the policies and relationships needed to build trust in those repositories. The session will address the challenges faced as well as provide an overview of the repository infrastructure and the trusted role it plays in both Glasgow and Leeds. It will conclude by highlighting how the library can support and maintain trust in the repository and its content.


FINAL SLIDES LIBER 2020 Wednesday24JuneSecuringandBuildingTrust(FINALFINAL).pdf