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Published June 4, 2020 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Characterization of the Fiber Orientations in Non-Crimp Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites using Structure Tensor

  • 1. PhD student
  • 2. Associate Professor
  • 3. Professor


This dataset contains data, notebooks and code used in the publication:

[1] Jeppesen, N., V.A. Dahl, A.N. Christensen, A.B. Dahl, L.P. Mikkelsen, Characterization of the fiber orientations in non-crimp glass fiber reinforced composites using structure tensor. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 942, 012037,, 2020

If you reference this dataset, please also consider referencing the paper above. contains an X-ray CT scan of a non-crimp glass fiber composite sample saved in the TXM file format.

HF401TT-13_FoV16.5_Stitch.txm.nii contains a cut-out of the TXM data, where air around the sample has been removed and the result has been saved in the NIfTI file format.

The two notebooks, StructureTensorFiberAnalysisDemo and StructureTensorFiberAnalysisAdvancedDemo rely on the NIfTI scan data, HF401TT-13_FoV16.5_Stitch.txm.nii. They demonstrate how to do structure tensor orientation analysis on the data.

The HF401TT-13_FoV16.5_Stitch notebook use the TXM scan data, It can be used to recreate the results of the published experimental results.

To run the notebooks, the Python file,, must be in the same directory as the notebook.

By default, the notebooks expect the following folder structure:

/notebooks: Folder with the notebooks and Python files.
/originals: Folder with the data (TXM/NIfTI files).
/tmp: Folder for temporary files and output generated running the notebooks.
/notebooks/figures: Folder for exporting figures as files (only needed if you want to save figures as files).



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