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Published May 29, 2020 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

Lynx D3.8 Summarisation and annotation services

  • 1. DFKI
  • 2. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


This report provides the final description of the summarisation and annotation services developed under Task 3.2 in the Lynx project. This report describes several services that are classified into Annotation Services, whose goal is to enrich documents with semantic annotations, and Summarisation Service, which aim at generating a new and shorter piece of a text from one or several longer texts (documents or parts of documents).

The description of the services consists of two parts: for each of the services, first, its general approach is presented, and then, its application in the Lynx project is introduced, putting the focus on datasets used for training new models, rules defined for domain adaptability or generation of dictionaries for specific topics or scenarios.

Although being the final report, the described services are still going to be further developed and evaluated, and will still experience changes and improvements in the following months (and until the end of the project).



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