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Published May 29, 2020 | Version 2.2.0
Software Open

cgre-aachen/gempy: GemPy 2.2.0


This release does focused on polishing and deprecating a lot of code that it was half done (like the new 2d and 3d visualization)

New Features
  • Moving docs building to travis
  • Improved fixtures of pytest
  • Pyvista is the default 3d render for gempy
  • Adding restricting wrapper to better define the user API
  • Added the class Stack (with features for each item) that encapsulates Series and Faults
  • Topography and masked marching cubes have been fixed and consolidated
  • Plots have vertical exaggeration finally
  • Added (basic) probability examples
  • Fixed all the requirements issues and better installation description
  • Docs rework and added sphinx-gallery
Minor Changes
  • Addedgempy.plot.plot_ar for direct communication with RexOS for visualizing the models in AR
  • Refactoring of gempy's API
  • Spline interpolation for 2D sections @Japhiolite
  • Tweak palettes
  • Refactoring of some internal classes
  • Reworked docker



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