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Published May 5, 2020 | Version v0.2.3
Software Open

cicwi/PyCorrectedEmissionCT: Release version 0.2.3

  • 1. ESRF - The European Synchrotron


New release adding the following features and fixing the following bugs:

  • On-demand padding for Wavelet regularizer
  • Projection intensity rescaling for different angles in base projector
  • Support for 3D absorption maps (but not thouroughly tested, yet)
  • Data-term residual computation to all solvers
  • Some tests to solvers and regularizers
  • Automated testing and linting on github workflows
  • Support for ASTRA's super-sampling of pixels and voxels
  • Implemented scipy's sparse LinearOperator interface for the projectors
  • Utility min-log and simple flat-fielding functions for transmission data ### Fixed
  • Copy-paste error, and detector data axis order in SART algorithm implementation
  • Weights for masks in SART algorithm
  • Error in unpreconditioned CP implementation
  • Applied linting changes, to improve the readability of the code



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