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Published April 10, 2020 | Version 2.0.0beta1
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RhizoVision Explorer - Interactive software for generalized root image analysis designed for everyone

  • 1. Noble Research Institute


RhizoVision Explorer software is intended to replace RhizoVision Analyzer that is a batch image processor for single excavated root crowns. This software shares many underlying algorithms, but is extended for more general purpose use for root image analysis. There are two modes, one for whole roots such as root crowns or seedling root systems and one for broken roots such as from a soil core or pot scanned on a flatbed scanner. An interactive window has been added so the user may see how their parameter selections influence segmentation and final output. RhizoVision Explorer is open-source and released under a modified GPL 3 license with an additional indemnification clause. The source code is available upon request now and later on GitHub after the public release (expected by the end of September, 2020).

RVE is designed for Windows 10 systems with a 64-bit processor (computers from the past 5 years or so). RVE has no other dependencies, simply download the RVE beta ZIP file, extract to a folder on your local drive, and run the executable.

An illustrated manual is included in the manual folder of the RVE download as a PDF.

The image examples ZIP file includes PNG files of root crowns taken with the RhizoVision Crown platform and JPG files of scanned disconnected roots at 600 DPI for testing purposes. 



The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.

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This software is provided as a limited release beta in order for the authors to receive feedback to improve the software for an initial public release. Access will be limited to primarily other root researchers with which the authors have had contact. The downloader will agree to provide feedback to a short, anonymous survey at a later date. Please discuss with the authors if you intend to use the generated data for publication for proper citation. 

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