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Phonetics in Phonology and Phonology in Phonetics

  • 1. Cornell University


In this paper, I explore the relationships between phonology and phonetics and argue that there are two distinct ways that they interact. A distinction needs to be drawn between the way phonetics affects phonology–phonetics in phonology, and the way phonology affects or drives phonetics–phonology in phonetics. The former concerns the way that phonetic effects and constraints are reflected in the phonology, often referred to as naturalness. The latter is the mapping between the units of phonology and their physical realization.

How is phonological knowledge realized in and extracted from the physical signal? In this case, the phonology emerges in the phonetics in the sense that phonological contrast is physically realized. These two facets of the relationship between phonology and phonetics are discussed in light of their implications for an understanding of phonology and phonetics and their relationship.


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