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D5 2- Automotive part data exchange platform report


This deliverable represents the outcome of the development work performed until now within WP5- ICT Platform for Multiple Life Cycles, under T5.2 “Implementing a part data management platform including standard data exchange protocols, ensuring transparency and efficiency of trade networks and reverse logistics. 
The main purpose of the deliverable is to present the results obtained in developing a new platform and the functionalities to be done until milestone MS6: ICT platforms ready in month 24 (May 2020). In the first eleven months since task T5.2 began, the main functions of the automotive part data exchange platform were developed: User-Management, View Options, Create options and Transfer multiple options.  The newly created automotive part data management platform was connected to CoremanNet system.
The work performed in WP5, T5.2, will serve as base for WP7: Automotive parts demonstrator, for the deployment of the platform and for further improvements. 
This report will emphasize the scope and the description of the automotive platform, will answer questions regarding the background of developing the automotive platform and the vision of its future and will demonstrate the connection with the circular business models. This document will describe the newly developed functionalities of the automotive part data management platform and how it will look at the end of the project.
While all IT-components supporting the physical-processes or customer-interaction (e.g. core-evaluation-system or customer-data and reports, material master-data) are already existing in C-ECO’s CoremanNet-system, the newly developed ReCIPSS platform focuses solely on all functions needed to incorporate and manage return-options.
As a result of T5.2, a demonstration was performed during the General Assembly in BRNO (20-22 November 2019), emphasizing the main functionalities of the automotive platform.


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