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Published March 16, 2020 | Version 1.2.1
Software Open

CICE-Consortium/Icepack: Icepack 1.2.1

  • 1. Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2. Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center
  • 3. National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • 4. Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • 5. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • 6. Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • 7. Danish Meteorological Institute
  • 8. University of Washington
  • 9. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory


Icepack version 1.2.1 is being released with CICE6.1.1. This is a minor release update from the Icepack1.2.0 release in December, 2019. This release fixes a couple of bugs in the floe size distribution implementation. The ability to run on Mac and Linux computers was added by leveraging conda to install compilers and other supporting software. Documentation was updated as well.

Bug fixes:

  • Update to wave fracture including bug fix #299, changes answers for fsd12 cases
  • Update wavespec convergence algorithm to fix bug, reduce memory, and improve performance in the random option implementation, #305
  • Change order of operations in albedo calculation for restart consistency #303, does not change answers in standard test cases


  • Add adaptive timestepping for FSD lateral melt and growth #298
  • Update machines/compilers for izumi #295, for cori #304
  • Add laptop/linux capability via conda #296
  • Fix nt_zbgc_frac and n_aero initialization in icepack driver #300 #302


  • Add html anchors when reporting results #290
  • Update community bulletin board/forum links #291
  • Add information for contributing #293
  • Update documentation #292#305
  • Update copyright and internal version number #301



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