Published February 21, 2020 | Version testcomp20
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Test Suites from Test-Generation Tools (Test-Comp 2020)

  • 1. LMU Munich, Germany


This archive contains the test suites that were generated during the
2nd Competition on Software Testing (Test-Comp 2020)

The competition was run by Dirk Beyer, LMU Munich, Germany.
More information is available in the following article:
Dirk Beyer. Second Competition on Software Testing: Test-Comp 2020.
In Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
(FASE 2020, Dublin, April 28-30), 2020. Springer.

Copyright (C) Dirk Beyer

SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0



LICENSE.txt         specifies the license
README.txt          this file
witnessFileByHash/  This directory contains test suites (witnesses for coverage).
                    Each witness in this directory is stored in a file whose name is the SHA2 256-bit hash
                    of its contents followed by the filename extension .zip.
                    The format of each test suite is described on the format web page:
                    A test suite contains also metadata in order to relate it
                    to the test problem for which it was produced.
witnessInfoByHash/  This directory contains for each test suite (witness) in directory witnessFileByHash/
                    a record in JSON format (also using the SHA2 256-bit hash of the witness as filename,
                    with .json as filename extension) that contains the meta data.
                    For convenient access to all test suites for a certain program, this directory represents
                    a function that maps each program (via its SHA2256-bit hash) to a set of test suites
                    (JSON records for test suites as described above) that the test tools have produced
                    for that program.  For each program for which test suites exist, the directory contains
                    a JSON file (using the SHA2 256-bit hash of the program as filename, with .json as
                    filename extension) that contains all JSON records for test suites  for that program.

A similar data structure was used by SV-COMP and is described in the following article:
Dirk Beyer. A Data Set of Program Invariants and Error Paths.
In Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/ACM 16th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories
(MSR 2019, Montreal, Canada, May 26-27), pages 111-115, 2019. IEEE.


Overview over archives from Test-Comp 2020 that are available at Zenodo:   Witness store (containing the generated test suites)   Results (XML result files, log files, file mappings, HTML tables)   Test tasks, version testcomp20   BenchExec, version 2.5.1

All benchmarks were executed
for Test-Comp 2020,
by Dirk Beyer, LMU Munich
based on the components  testcomp20-0-gd6cd3e5dd4  testcomp19-84-gac76836  2.5.1-0-gffad635

Feel free to contact me in case of questions:


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Conference paper: 10.1007/978-3-030-45234-6_25 (DOI)
Conference paper: 10.1109/MSR.2019.00026 (DOI)