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Efficient wavelength conversion of exchange magnons below 100 nm by magnetic coplanar waveguides

  • 1. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
  • 2. INNOVENT e.V., Technologieentwicklung, Prüssingstr. 27B, 07745 Jena, Germany


Raw data associated to the manuscript ‘Efficient wavelength conversion of exchange magnons below 100 nm by magnetic coplanar waveguides.” File formats are described in info.txt files in the concerning folders. For plotting and data evaluation, Python 2.7, Matlab 2018b and OriginPro 2018b were used. We acknowledge the financial support from the Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF) via sinergia project NanoSkyrmionics CRSII5 171003 and Grant No. 163016 as well as Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft via grant DU 1427/2-1.

Paper abstract:
Exchange magnons are essential for unprecedented miniaturization of GHz electronics and magnon-based logic. However, their efficient excitation via microwave fields is still a challenge. Current methods including nanocontacts and grating couplers require advanced nanofabrication tools which limit the broad usage. Here we report efficient emission and detection of exchange magnons using micron-sized coplanar waveguides (CPWs) into which we integrated ferromagnetic(m) layers. We excited magnons in a broad frequency band with wavelengths λ down to 100 nm propagating over macroscopic distances in thin yttrium iron garnet. Applying time- and spatially resolved Brillouin light scattering as well as micromagnetic simulations we evidence a significant wavelength conversion process near mCPWs via tunable inhomogeneous fields. We argue that optimized mCPWs form microwave-to-magnon transducers providing phase-coherent exchange magnons with  down to below 40 nm. Without any nanofabrication they allow one to harvest the advantages of nanomagnonics by antenna designs exploited in conventional microwave circuits.



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Discovery and Nanoengineering of Novel Skyrmion-hosting Materials CRSII5_171003
Swiss National Science Foundation
Reprogrammable magnonics based on periodic and aperiodic ferromagnetic nanostructures 200021_163016
Swiss National Science Foundation