Published January 16, 2020 | Version V1.0
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REASSURE (H2020 731591) ECC Dataset

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Datasets collection for ECC (C25519) side-channel traces, as part of REASSURE H2020 731591 project.

The set “REASSURE_c25519_arithm_6k + PatternExtract From 5997 traces + StaticAlign.trs” contains electromagnetic traces coming from 5997 executions of Curve25519 $\mu$NaCl Montgomery Ladder scalar multiplication:
running on the Pi\~{n}ata target:
which is a 32-bit STM32F4 microcontroller with an ARM-based architecture, running at the clock frequency of 168 MHz.

The implementation employs arithmetic-based conditional swap and is additionally protected with projective coordinate re-randomization and scalar randomization.
Each trace from the dataset represent a single iteration of the Montgomery Ladder scalar multiplication that is cut from the whole execution trace; such trace is labeled with the corresponding cswap condition bit.
Observe that a full scalar can be trivially recovered from the cswap condition bits used in the 255 Montgomery Ladder iterations.
Furthermore, all these cut traces (5997*255=1529235) are aligned to exploit the leakage efficiently.
Details about the implementation and how the traces are aligned are in:

The set “REASSURE_c25519_arithm_6k + PatternExtract From 100 traces + StaticAlign.trs” contains a part of the 5997 set, but limited to the first 100 full traces.

The set “REASSURE_c25519_arithm_6k_100 full traces.trs” contains the full 100 traces (before division).

Each traces is in the TRS format that is described under the following links:

Moreover, note that each trs file include a short description inside the file itself.




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REASSURE – Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 731591
European Commission