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Maximizing the utilization of DERs with the Interflex Aggregation Platform for Flexibility


With renewable generated electricity becoming a significant part of the energy mix, aggregated demand response from Distributed Energy Resources is becoming a front runner as a new participant in the energy markets. A big barrier for the integration of aggregator services into market participation is knowledge of the current and future aggregated flexible capacity, or better, the lack thereof. In the Interflex Horizon 2020 project, the Aggregation Platform for Flexibility (APF) was developed: a software solution that empowers aggregators to create a powerful Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that is able to quantify the current and future flexible capacity of a cluster of DERs. The APF enables the aggregator to optimize the trading of flexibility of DERs to be utilized in both energy markets as well as ancillary service markets. The following three core principles of the APF are the basis for this. Firstly, insight: the Flexibility Engine provides detailed insight of the current and future available flexibility in the portfolio of the aggregator. Secondly: adaptability, the modular setup of the APF and the ability to define Trader modules make the platform highly adaptable to the aggregators needs. And finally, interoperability: the APF implements open interfaces to easily be incorporated in the operation of an aggregator. The APF is successfully field tested in the Interflex project, where it controls DERs and optimizes the available flexibility to maximize value on a day-ahead market while, at the same time, using the DERs flexibility for congestion management purposes.


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