Published November 30, 2019 | Version 1.0
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Lynx D5.2 Intermediate demonstrator for pilot 2

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This deliverable constitutes the intermediate results on the Lynx use case development for geothermal energy (GTE). Section 1 provides a brief introduction of the geothermal energy context which is used as a proxy for trends and future needs of multiple emerging alternative sustainable energy resources. The grand view that underpins this use case, is the applicability of emerging semantic technologies (knowledge graphs) for sustainable energy alternatives as they as subject to accelerated or even a transformative future growth for which friction in access to relevant regulatory data can cause delays (or require breakthroughs).

Section 2 describes the use case and the progress made in engaging with the industry to learn if problems / issues are recognized and how they can be subject to this use case. It further elaborates on plausible user journeys and mock-ups of screen design how Lynx services can interact with the end-user. Section 3 describes the pilot architecture and system current in place. This section mainly talks about the front-end stack and the envisioned backend and integration with the Lynx services. Section 4 described the outlook of use case specific activities planned for the rest of the Lynx project. The report is supplemented by appendix A) Envisioned business model canvas.


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