Published November 29, 2019 | Version 1.0
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Lynx D5.1 Intermediate demonstrator for pilot 1

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The main purpose of this document is to give an insight into the current development status of pilot 1 (contract management) which is being developed within the Lynx project.

Contracting is a common activity in companies, but managing contracts systematically is a cumbersome activity only few companies are effective at. Due to a lack of central administration, contracts are physically and electronically distributed across the entire organization. Against this backdrop, we are focusing on automated contract analysis to provide smart contract archiving solutions and compliance services.

In order to achieve this, two approaches have been pursuit:

  • A pure back-end solution to analysis single and multiple contracts including an archive which can be used by other services / applications.
  • A front-end solution where a single user has the possibility to manage contracts.

For the front-end solution selected provisional screenshots and descriptions are provided. In addition, a description of the architecture and newly developed services for the back-end is given.

This deliverable is structured as follows. The first section deals with the relevance of contract management and embeds the efforts into the broader Lynx context. Section 2 describes several use cases we aim at solving with this pilot. In light of this, we are discussing objectives, our working basis in the pilot phase and the visualization of basic modules. Section 3 (proof of concept) and 4 (pilot architecture) contain information about the underlying back-end solutions. Finally, the deliverable closes with an outlook.


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