Published November 29, 2019 | Version 1.0
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Lynx D5.3 Intermediate demonstrator for pilot 3

  • 1. Cuatrecasas
  • 1. Semantic Web Company
  • 2. TILDE
  • 3. UPM


This deliverable summarises the intermediate results of the Lynx use case developed for labour law. Section 1, provides an introduction to some of the difficulties that lawyers or legal experts encounter when working with legal documents from different jurisdictions in multiple languages. In this use case, we aim to demonstrate how semantic technologies and the use of knowledge graphs can contribute to assist lawyers (and non-lawyers) in accessing and processing international legislation.

How to apply these technologies and how to simplify the interaction of users to legal data by providing an easy-to-use interface, are some of the challenging aspects that we face in this pilot.

Section 2 describes our use case in more detail, focusing on the main objectives of a law firm like Cuatrecasas, and how the solution built in Lynx can help its clients and prospects. We explain our envisioned solution by:

a) Providing detailed information of the functional requirements derived from several functional meetings;

b) Showing the prototype of the user interface that resulted from additional meetings and design-thinking sessions with key users: labour partners, senior lawyers involved in international operations and recurring services for global customers, and labour experts from the Knowledge Management (KM) team. 

In this intermediate demonstrator, we describe the core of the solution, also known as the Minimum Viable Product or MVP for short. This includes a description of the core architecture and main components. To better illustrate it we  include (i) screenshots of the application in its current state and a video to demonstrate the real interaction of the user with the system, and finally (ii) a report on test cases we are working on to improve the quality of the results.

The report is supplemented with four annexes, which provide additional information and context:

  1. ”Sample of real questionnaires”, based on previous real international operations 
  2. “Legal Knowledge Graph in the labour use case”, putting our use case in the context of the global LKG
  3. “Different laws in Spain”, summarizing the type of laws and their hierarchy
  4. “Chatbots, QA and Semantic Search working together”, an analysis of these different technologies and how and why to combine them.


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