Published September 1, 2014 | Version v1
Journal article Open

One-Pot Synthesis and AFM Imaging of a Triangular Aramide Macrocycle


Macrocyclizations in exceptionally good yields were observed during the self-condensation of N-benzylated phenyl p-aminobenzoates in the presence of LiHMDS to yield three-membered cyclic aramides that adopt a triangular shape. An ortho-alkyloxy side chain on the N-benzyl protecting group is necessary for the macrocyclization to occur. Linear polymers are formed exclusively in the absence of this Li-chelating group. A model that explains the lack of formation of other cyclic congeners and the demand for an N-(o-alkoxybenzyl) protecting group is providedon the basis of DFT calculations.High-resolution AFM imaging of the prepared molecular triangles on a calcite(10.4) surface shows individual molecules arranged in groups of four due to strong surface templating effects and hydrogen bonding between the molecular triangles.



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