Published January 24, 2017 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Enolesters as chain end‐functionalizing agents for the living ring opening metathesis polymerization


Functional enolethers have previously been used to introduce functional end groups at the chain end of ruthenium carbene complex initiated living ring opening metathesis polymers. Here, we investigated whether the weaker π‐donating enolesters could equally be used in regio selective reactions with ruthenium carbene complexes and thus as polymer end‐functionalization reagents. Enolesters such as vinyl acetate, butenyl acetate, 3‐(4‐(tert‐butoxy)phenyl)propenyl acetate and 6‐(((benzyloxy)carbonyl)amino)hex‐1‐en‐1‐yl acetate were used as living ROMP terminating agents. All gave the expected end groups proving that enolesters are synthetically easily accessible targets for living ROMP end‐functionalization.



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