Published November 28, 2015 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Development od creative and educational thinking in arts training teachers: QR Codes

  • 1. Universidad de Alicante y Universidad Autónoma de Chile
  • 2. Universidad de Alicante


A training model on education in Arts based on the design of QR codes as learning objects has been integrated in the formation of training teachers with the objective that they can apply this technology in their future jobs at school. The study was done on a sample of 99 training teachers of the Primary School Teacher of the Faculty of Education of the Alicante University.

The sample was divided into 30 groups, which designed QR codes on a selection of works of art belonging to all of the historical ages.
The results of this training model turned out as positive as it was expected. Indeed, the training teachers included in this study were able to prepare QR codes as learning objects quite well assessed. At the same time, training teachers showed to have acquired a wider and deeper knowledge of Arts through the use of this technology. Finally this study revealed that the
factors that strengthened the training teachers’ formation and increased their motivation the most were interaction, small group work and collaborative learning. Furthermore, training teachers’ knowledge on contents and didactics as well as their critical and creative thinking have improved significantly.