Published August 20, 2019 | Version 1.1.0
Dataset Open


  • 1. New York University, MARL
  • 2. Queen Mary University of London, C4DM




Accompanying website and repository are here.

If you make use of GuitarSet for academic purposes, please cite the following publication:

Q. Xi, R. Bittner, J. Pauwels, X. Ye, and J. P. Bello, "Guitarset: A Dataset for Guitar Transcription", in 19th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Paris, France, Sept. 2018.

This project was lead by Qingyang Xi at NYU's Music and Audio Research Lab, along with Rachel Bittner, Xuzhou Ye and Juan Pablo Bello from the same lab, as well as Johan Pauwels at the Center for Digital Music at Queen Mary University.

We present GuitarSet, a dataset that provides high-quality guitar recordings alongside rich annotations and metadata.
In particular, by recording guitars using a hexaphonic pickup, we are able to not only provide recordings of the individual strings but also to largely automate the expensive annotation process, therefore providing rich annotation.
The dataset contains recordings of a variety of musical excerpts played on an acoustic guitar, along with time-aligned annotations of pitch contours, string and fret positions, chords, beats, downbeats, and playing style.

N.B. Known Errors:


N.B. See Known Errors. Changes from version 1.0.1: - Added Key Annotation in each jams file - Removed impossible notes (negative frets) - Updated Pitch Contour annotations to have the correct `'index'` field in `obs.value`. - Cleaned up .zip files


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