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Published July 22, 2019 | Version 0.0.1
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GPM+SM2RAIN (2015-2018): quasi-global 25km/daily rainfall product from the integration of GPM and SM2RAIN-based rainfall products

  • 1. National Research Council
  • 1. National Research Council
  • 2. Institute of Environmental Geosciences
  • 3. ESA


Rainfall dataset based on the integration of IMERG-ER of the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) with SM2RAIN-based rainfall estimates derived from ASCAT, SMOS and SMAP L3 soil moisture products. The dataset is currently available for Africa and South America (2015-2018), Europe, India, Contiguos United States and Australia (2015-2017). More details can be found in the netCDF file.

The quality flag provided with the dataset has been used to mask out low quality data, as well as the areas characterised by complex topographic, frozen soil, and presence of tropical forests.

The associated publication is avalaible on HESSD


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