Published June 20, 2012 | Version v1
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Webis Simulation Data Mining Bridge Models Corpus 2012 (Webis-SDMbridge-12)


This corpus provides the simulation data mining community with a collection of 14641 bridge models and simulated behavior.

1. Folder "1-designs"

The text files in this directory should contain all information for the
independent variables any machine learning experiment. For reference, all 14641 IFC models are supplied in subfolders 001 to 147.

2. Folder "2-simulation"

This folder contains samples of the simulation output that may be viewed in Paraview ( The original model contains the "Org" filename fragment, and the maximum and minimum behaviors are indicated with "Max" and "Min" filename fragments. Displacement, strain, and stress behaviors are all given. Only three of the 14641 models are given as the file sizes are
around 1.4 to 2.2 megabytes each. The complete data (approximately 81 gigabytes) can be regenerated and provided if necessary on request (email

3. Folder "3-aggregation"

Maximum displacement, strain, and stress measurements are given in the text files individually, and together in the files with the "vtk" filename fragment. This data should be sufficient for the dependent variables of any machine learning experiment.


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  • Steven Burrows, Benno Stein, Jörg Frochte, David Wiesner, and Katja Müller. Simulation Data Mining for Supporting Bridge Design. In Peter Christen et al, editors, 9th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM 2011) volume 121 of CRPIT, pages 163-170, New York, December 2011. ACM. ISBN 978-1-921770-02-9.