Published June 16, 2019 | Version v1
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Is Your Research Future Proof? Data Management Techniques & Tools for Digital Historians

  • 1. University of Applied Sciences Potsdam


Slides for a Research Data Management Training, incl. introduction to the research data management tool RDMO  held during the conference "Teaching History in the Digital Age – international Perspectives (DHI Paris), 17.06.2019 (announcement:

  • Audience type: Beginner level, humanists
  • Length: 3h
  • Languague: English

Learning objectives:

• will be able to explain what is (their) humanities research data
• understand Open Principles and the Open Science vision
• can summarize the FAIR principles in a Humanities context
• understand importance of FAIR RDM for their own research
• understand how writing a DMP can help their research
• know the topic areas of a DMP
• have acquired a basic understanding how to address them
• know the data management tool RDMO and have used it
• know where to look for further resources



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